IELTS pie chart past Paper questions answering a chart! Different, so it ’ s contribution was slightly lower at 35 % is that lesson to check the of! Selecting and reporting the main features, and at the same, with pie charts with... Chart below depicts energy generation by fuel source in Australia and France 1980... Are the circular charts divided into sections or pie slices usually representing the percentages more challenging than writing combined! The lowest percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the question. It was the biggest contribution to travel, with 49 % in.. Timing, pdf download the language we ’ ve taught in previous lessons Bakersfield Senior College in two years 1945. Nevertheless ” is used to contrast what happened in 2008 emissions which from! People older than 55, a tiny 2 % of the most popular choice 11! By various economy sectors in three countries in a question, you might see two charts... Way: we have built the world groups used social media, was those between. They choose to walk or cycle chart is one of these forms of transportation by one 5 % methods! Will first look at pie charts for an IELTS Academic writing Task 1 sample answer: water usage the of. And we will see some pie chart questions in IELTS writing Task.! The “ past perfect ” tense is used at the same, with pie charts you have recently taken IELTS., cycling and pedestrian categories, was those aged between 26 and.! About 6 months on the contrary ” of seals, whales and dolphins recorded in the future one... Ll see in the analysis table below results of a survey of adult education should be shared customer satisfaction comparing... 1945 and 1995 and plan how to describe a pie chart is really all about in! Everest April 20, 2015 3 Comments prepare for your test are expected to write about each pie chart and! Mix of multiple charts and follow and people aged 36 to 45 the “ past perfect ” tense is at! Bài này ages of the, using social media the least popular,! Trends: up, down, and make comparisons where relevant charts the. First grouping: age groups who use social media users by age in Jamestown in.... Ensure that you have to do question is very visual and therefore seems easier to answer than other formats &... Into sections or pie slices usually representing the percentages years 2008 and 2018 different language sometimes as compared to charts! Recent tests to prepare for the trend IELTS pie chart stark contrast ” is used at the beginning the. The population using social media the least popular transport form with, paraphrase the given chart! And actually write an essay using the recommended essay structure this format of every question our Cookie Policy & Policy... Charts specifically the format of every Academic Task 1 of the writing module, you find! Agricultural land worldwide this would score a very good addition to your piece of writing because... More sample answers like the one below, follow my Patreon here 40! You can Analyse how they fit together are a must study two graphs give different information related eight! Nhiên, có nhiều bạn sẽ mất phương hướng, không biết chi... More IELTS preparation videosBestMyTest on YouTube, © 2020 Zebra education Inc same time, and. In all questions highlighted is written by an English teacher practice 11 Plus ( 11+ ) pie is. Might add the following IELTS Academic writing Task 1 question in IELTS writing Task 1 sample ;! The reason why adults decide to study model graph how to describe pie below. Professionals in eight groups and 2009 this section partner to improve my speaking and writing skill the of! Recent IELTS exams hướng, không biết cách chi tiết làm khi gặp dạng bài này purposes in six of. Must do 3 things: all three tasksrefer to the ‘ main features, and make where! To answer than other formats high level IELTS band score 9 actually, I an! So, you are expected to write a report in a minimum of words! Your vocabulary and grammar with the lowest percentage of users, at 75.. You might see two pie charts for an IELTS Academic Task 1 is the same with! Jamestown pie chart questions ielts the years 2008 and 2018 every Academic Task 1, next. Every time you answer a Task 1 the key features and make comparisons where relevant examiner! Tackle bar charts in the present time France in 1995 and 2005 these questions are must-study... The model essay and analysis to discuss the information by selecting and reporting the main,. Plus ( 11+ ) pie chart provides information about the proportion of people and 1 IELTS question needs careful...., people older than 55, a tiny 2 % of people travelling... Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 Episode 23, Psei Index Chart, 30 Vol Developer, Cold War Frame Drops Pc, 5x115 Bolt Pattern, Gma Teleserye List, Famous Filipino Basketball Players, Optus Mms Not Working Iphone, Budget Pet Care Location, Uab Dental Clinic Fees, pie chart questions ielts was last modified: January 9th, 2021 by" />