<\/a>"); No need to learn a new language. Note that [[ is a keyword, not a command. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Beginners Guide to BASH—Conditions and Variables, How to Use the Linux Sleep Command to Pause a BASH Script, Hello World: Your First Raspberry Pi Project, How to Use the Google Sheets If( ) Function, How to Edit the Linux Crontab File to Schedule Jobs, How To Compare Two Text Files Using Linux, How to Use the Linux Command — Unix Command: Login, Beginners Guide To BASH - Part 1 - Hello World, How to Show a File's Printable Characters With the Strings Command, hosts.deny — Linux Command — Unix Command. That next statement is another test condition! Test. begins, the old one must terminate. The double bracket [ [ construct, also known as 'extended test' or 'New Test' is more versatile, the old test [ is more portable. It is a synonym for test, therefore be strictly necessary, however newer versions of Bash With version 2.02, Bash introduced the [ [... ]] extended test command, which performs comparisons in a manner more familiar to programmers from other languages. seehelp [The description of is as follows: [: [ arg… ] Evaluate conditional expression. Auto-documentation/help generation. Example 7-3. When you compare files, use the following comparison operators: (If file1 is newer than file2 then the word "yes" will be displayed), (if file1 exists the word "yes" will be displayed), (if you own file1 then the word "yes" is displayed"). Note that [ [ is a keyword, not a command. An if can test any command, not just BoxAdcontent.document.write("